"Around 1,500 Islamist radicals protested today in the Macedonian capital Skopje demanding the release of the five Islamist radical suspects arrested by the police on the 2nd of May following an intensive 3 week investigation of the cold-blooded summary execution of four Macedonian children and one mid-aged Macedonian while they were fishing on Good Friday this year.
The Macedonians are predominantly Christians while the ethnic Albanian minority in Macedonia that accounts for around 20% of the population are predominantly Muslims. In the last decade there have been increased incidences of imported radical Islamism from the Middle East that has not found a fertile ground among the Macedonian Albanians despite their attempts to lure them into extremism. However,there are reported Islamist terrorists cells in whole of the South-East Europe region including Macedonia.
The Macedonian police ensured that the protest and march through the streets didn’t took a chaotic turn.The radical Islamist protesters chanted “Allahu Akbar”,”Death to Christians”,”War on the Christians”,and brandished Al Qaeda insignias."